With over 25 years of having produced quality Commercial Embroidery, our equipment is high end and our people trained to accept only the highest in quality.   From monogrammed and logo’d jackets, polos and dress shirts, to addingspecialty designs to beach and resort towels, to custom Motor Cycle Club patches and even a blingy show outfit for an Elvis Impersonator, there isn’t much that we haven’t done.  Embroidery is priced based oncalculated stitch count, which is currently estimated by the square inch.  We are refining the calculation and expect to have an actual stitch count by the end of this year.  Avoid trying to embroider photographs and graphics with gradients.


From a single color design to a full color photograph, we can reproduce your creation on garments from tshirts to jackets.  Keep in mind that the quality of the image that you upload to us will have a significant impact on the quality of the finished product.  Our onlilne designer will warn you if the resolution is too low, or the graphic is too small, and our artists will attempt to improve the image, but an image can only be stretched so far before it becomes unusable.  The rule is the bigger the image the better the result.


Dye Sublimation is a special kind of technology.  During the curing process, the ink is converted to a gas, which is then absorbed by a specially coated media that is being imprinted.   This allows us to print your images on Ceramic, Glass, Acrylic, Plastic, Wood or Metal.  As with Screen Printing, the quality, or resolution, of your image, has a great deal to do with the quality of the result.We can also Dye Sublimate on Polyester Garments, with the only caveat being that the dye from the print will blend with the dye (color) of the garment – sometimes muddying the result.  To compensate, we will only sublimnate on pastels or whites.


Vinyl allows us to create small quantities of 1 or 2 color garments more cheaply than printing, and can be used on both Cotton and Polyester/Blends.  Prices are calculated by the total number of square inches of the entire design.  This is due to a flat sheet of material being run through a plotter using a blade to trace an outline of the design.  The excess material is removed and the remaining material is pressed onto the garment.  This technology is limited to simple designs and cannot take a full color picture.  It is limited to solid colors.

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