Who is is a family owned business that has been printing, embroidering and otherwise making personalized clothing and novelties for over 25 years.  The blanks that we use to make your product are produced all over the world, however, the final product that you receive is produced, printed, sewn and/orsublimated at our shop in Fort Myers Beach, Florida – as is our customer support and shipping.

How Does This Work?

We try to mke things as simple as we can. 🙂  1) Pick the kind of product that you would like to make, 2) pick the makeup and specific shape of the product, 3) Customize it with our Online Designer, then checkout.It will then go to our Review group to check for last minute conflicts.  After that it hits Production then Shipping and it’s on its way to you.

What Can I Make?

Holiday Ornaments, Sun Catchers, Mugs, Wall and Desktop Photo Panels, Posters, Permanent and Removable Labels and lots, lots, more.

How Long Does It Take?

Typically, we can expect production to usually take 2-4 days, depending on the product. (Each item gives the usual production time on its product page.)  Review normally takes a few hours, unless a problem is found and needs some kind of resolution.  Keep in mind that these times may be extended during holidays

Can I Return My Purchase?

Because these are custom made items, we have a specific set of conditions under which things can be returned.  This link:  outlines those circumstances.

Can I Change My Mind After Placing My Order?

For a very short time after the placing of your order, yes.  While your order is still in Review, and hasn’t moved into Production, we can make changes, or cancel the order.  Once the order hits production, things are set in stone.

Do You Offer Free Freight?

Once the total of the products you are ordering hits $200, we will cover the freight.  Under this program, we will ship your items by ground freight.  Should you want a faster method of shipping, we will apply the cost that the ground freight would have been against the total freight cost, with you covering the balance – using our discounted freight rates that have been negotiated with the Carriers.  Contact our Shipping department directly at: with your desired speed and your order number and they will handle for you.

Can I Reorder Something That I've Made Before?

Inside the Online Designer, you have the ability to save and retrieve individual designs.  At this point there is no automatic way of duplicating an entire order.

Can I ship to another address for a gift?

Right now, you can have a separate Billing and Shipping addresses.  This constraint means inserting items going to separate addresses into separate orders.  This is a limitation that we are working to resolve.